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The Mighty Orchid King / Somnians / CLOUD

The Victoria, E8 3AS, [Venue Details]

The Mighty Orchid King are launching their second album, "Mycelium Music Volume I: Pinedemonium Awakes" with a free show at The Victoria, Dalston. They'll be joined by fellow psych-lords Somnians & CLOUD.

Welcome to Pinedemonium, an abandoned pine plantation ruled over by an enlightened but occasionally hubristic mycelium 'king' and populated by the spirits of hunted living things it has consumed.

Dig down in the dirt and meet the ghosts of Reynard The Fox, (staunch anti-imperialist), The Elm Tree (nature's trespasser) and The Orchid (the original tree-hugger). Like in John Milton’s capital of hell, the spirits who dwell here have lost their paradise: the common land.

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