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Halibuts is simply a list of all London’s live music.

We include every genre of music, from classical to rap, and afrobeat to folk.

We don’t offer reviews, recommendations or sell tickets.


Halibuts was created and is run by a team of London-based music-lovers.

We regularly go to gigs and concerts across a variety of genres.

The problem with planning an evening or day of music in London is that until now, it’s been practically impossible to find out everything that’s on!

Many other sites have some music, often either paid listings, or as agents for ticket sellers.

But until Halibuts, there was no complete list of ALL London’s live music.

Now, for the first time, it’s possible to see in one place just how much music London has to offer.



Halibuts is free for all to use. There’s no charge for listings, and there never will be. Guaranteed.

Halibuts is a not-for-profit project, and at present it’s privately funded.  We hope to attract a site sponsor one day, to contribute towards costs.

/ Omissions

While we aspire to be complete and correct, we are only human. If you spot an error or omission of any sort, please email us at or call on 020 7050 1166.

Venues / Promoters 

If you run a venue or promote live music events in London, you can upload your own events. This makes for better presentation and completeness – and gives you more control. 

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